Compare And Contrast Manchester And Indiana State University

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When looking at different colleges, it is important to find one that will fit different requirements. There are many differences in all colleges, including Indiana State University (Indiana State) and the University of Manchester. Many of these differences affect the ability to be accepted or what there is available to study. While there are some differences between the two schools, many similarities exist between Indiana State University and The University of Manchester.
Between the Indiana State and University of Manchester, the degrees and majors offered are similar. However, one difference is the type of degrees that each university offers. Indiana State offers the degrees of Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate (Indiana State University). It also offers Educational Specialist degrees (Indiana State University). However, because University of Manchester is in the United Kingdom, it only offers Undergraduate and
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Each university offers different types of housing. Indiana State offers eleven different campus and residence halls for students staying on campus (Indiana State University). However, University of Manchester offers more, with 23 available residence halls available on campus (University of Manchester). But, there are also differences on how students can be grouped in each hall. At Indiana State, students can be grouped by major, or put in coed, men’s, women’s, or fraternity/sorority housing (“Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN”). However, at University of Manchester, student grouping is much simpler. In some halls, there are mixes of undergraduate and postgraduate students, while other halls are separated only by degrees or sex (University of Manchester). However, while Indiana State has more options for housing, University of Manchester has more residence halls with simpler separations, making University of Manchester a better

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