Compare And Contrast Essay: Cat Vs. Dogs

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There are only a few things in this world that are always constant: The Earth is round, water is wet, fire is hot, and there will be a timeless debate of cats Vs dogs.But ultimately decided to go for a cat, then this article is for you.

Taking care of a kitty can be intimidating, indeed! This is even more so if it’s a newborn. In the beginning, most of them are completely unlike dogs; they may act selfish and distant, and generally feel like they only look out for #1. But, as a cat owner myself, I can attest to the fact that, once they get to know you, cats can be some of the most faithful pets out there, in their own way.

However, cats will always be independent. They don’t need to be walked, if you let them go outside they will feed themselves,
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Long-haired cats such as Turkish Angoras will need regular brushing, lest they shed their hairballs all over your house. Grooming is also essential for their health, as this will reduce the possibilities of indigestion and vomiting from hairballs.


Indoor cats adapt surprisingly well to their sleeping area. They require only a soft bed or cushion, with a small blanket. The bedding must be washed regularly and, when possible, vacuumed to remove excess shed hair.


This one is mandatory for all cats. Some people opt to let their cats out to relieve themselves at certain times of the day. However, unlike dogs, cats do not work this way. They require a litter box set in a quiet and calm area of the house. After he uses his box for the first time, your cat will never go #1 or #2 anywhere else, unless there is an obstruction or when he can’t get to his box for any reason. The litter box must use premium cat litter, and must cleaned regularly. The good thing about cats is that they don’t need any kind of potty training.
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Period. Scratching is their own way of keeping their nails in top-shape. When they scratch a surface, the old nail sheathing is shed, which gives way to the new, smoother nail. If you have issues with cats scratching or damaging your furniture, you can cut his nails with any nail clipper. Just be sure you don’t cut too much, or you might snip a vein, which can cause prolonged bleeding. Oh and please, never surgically remove your cat’s claws; you would be taking away from his only tool of defense, and you will also significantly impair his movements by removing his ability to

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