Community Health Nursing : The Belief That The Health Continuum

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Community health nursing is derived from the belief that the health continuum is an ever changing pattern ranging from excellent health to impending death. As nurses, we must be able to facilitate patients and their families or supporting individuals in navigating through these sometimes difficult and often confusing situations. Through community health nursing we are able to support patients, both in and out of the hospital setting, thus fulfilling our commitment in being patient advocates and liaisons between them, their families, and other health team members throughout their life span.
When entering the nursing field, 31 years ago, I did not put much thought into the community health field. Working in the in-patient hospital setting, our goal was to treat their presenting symptoms and discharge them back home or to the facility where they previously resided. In hindsight, we were chasing our own tails. Patients were diagnosed and we treated their presenting illness but once dismissed little was done in the form of follow-up or in evaluating if they had the financial means, support system, or any physical limitations that could inhibit compliance. Utilizing this course of action (or inaction) caused many patients to be readmitted, sometimes with worsening disease processes, which in many cases could have been avoided with proper care post-discharge. Unfortunately, this continues to occur today, but with less frequency due to proper referrals and care outside of…

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