Essay on Community And Public Health Nursing Outcomes

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Community and Public Health Nursing Outcomes Paper
Community Health Nursing is a specialty of nursing that involves the combination of public, population focused practice with nursing sciences. Community Health focuses on identifying the needs of a community, and improving the collective health within a geographic area, (Allender, Rector & Warner 2014). The community health nurse promotes health, sanitation, control of disease, education, and organization. The community health nurse focuses on wellness of his or her community. Wellness encompasses not only the definition of health, but the capacity to develop a person’s potential for the most fulfilling and productive life they can, (Allender, Rector & Warner 2014). The community health nurse is in a unique position to influence the health of his or her community; an impact that can affect future generations of that community.
Course Outcomes
Describe key concepts of health disparities and how health policy decisions are affected. A health outcome noticed to a greater or lesser degree between populations, is a health disparity, ( 2016). This course offered many opportunities to learn about health disparities and how they affect health policy. The Windshield Survey encouraged us to think about a health disparity within our chosen community and how to overcome it. We created plans, interventions and goals and the means of achieving those goals. The discussion boards on Health Disparity, Behavioral…

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