Communication Issues And Barriers Of The Presentation Group And How It Affected The Work

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1.0 Introduction
This report analyses the communication issues and barriers that have been encountered in the presentation group and how it affected the work. Cross-cultural communication is the main focus of the report and it is explained how it created misunderstandings and a need of acceptance among the members of the group. This report has been done by using existing information gathered within the presentation group and is supported by research from existing materials from books, reports and journal articles.
2.0 Communication practices in a team
Mickan, & Rodger (2000) defines communication as a way to exchange information and interact with others to express power, attitude and values from one person to another. Communication is the base of any activity as it allow people to interact and share ideas and views with others. Managers need to have good communication skills which allow them to elaborate ideas within their team, analyse and establish procedures for any activity, and provide coordination, motivation and leadership to their team members (Poole & Hirokawa, 1996, p. 12).
In the presentation group, it was essential to have efficient communication skills so that everyone within the group could share their own ideas, provide feedbacks, and be effective when making important decisions. The all-channel communication network, which is a decentralised communication system, was used within the group and allowed every member to interact directly with each other (Dwyer,…

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