Manipulation In America

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Americans are like pennies deteriorating in a fountain of fabrication wanting to be freed once again. The copper zinc metal that once circulate in currencies all over the world has convey the impression of disoriented value. Agnate to the pennies, lives of many Americans are no longer priceless. Citizens who bend their backs for the free world are reduced to specks that are later forgotten in this great cosmos. America depends on it foundation for stability. But in the illustration the value of the law-binding foundation are diminished. The charcoal medium used illustrates death of Americans at the hands of its foundation by manipulation, Words found within the flag itself such as “America” and “For sale” display the lack of humanity and the values of a life at a bargain price.
Manipulation is
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People all over the world have come to the United States looking for a better life for themselves. Immigrant ancestors are a great example, they have invested their freedom and money and their time to be part of a country that promise the pursuit of happiness. Many fine their dreams short lived. The charcoal medium of the American Flag portrays the death of the dream and the people who seek it. What a lot Americans fail to realize is that slavery still occurs in America and it is paid for through lack of knowledge. The United States of America was built on the back of immigrant ancestors, but the irony is that the same people are kicking them out. Money feeds a hungry nation, and when there is nothing left, we do away with the foundation. These ancestors are nothing but items that can be bought on a famous punch line like “ the pursuit of

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