The Hardships Of Immigrants

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Many people think that America is the land of opportunity, but this was not always the case. Immigrants were treated badly when they came to America. For some immigrants coming to America, they had a lot of opportunity but not for all of them. Many immigration laws and policies have been less enforced throughout the years. Many of the millions of immigrants that came to America hoping for a better life were disappointed. They came to America in search of an easier life and prosperity but what they found was low paying jobs and long hard hours. They also found the cities to be dirty and unhealthy; very different than the stories they had heard about America from their homelands .
Immigrants faced many hardships, when they came into America.
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“Immigrants were blamed to be the cause of the dirtier and unhealthier cities” (Brackemyre). Immigrants were not treated like normal Americans. The scariest and most dangerous jobs were for the new people’s jobs. The new comers worked with explosives, and also worked in mines (“making a living- johnson heritage center). For the workers there was no set minimum wage. Yes, they are immigrants,but they should have at least had a fair chance at the opportunity 's as Americans have. Immigrants had very low paying jobs. Americans feared that the immigrants would take any job no matter how much they were payed. Some could not afford the cost to get into America so they came across the border with a master and signed as an indenture to work for them sometimes for years, in order to pay off their debt (“Immigration In the United States”). Some immigrants were hired by agents to work in mines, or steel mills. Immigrants struggled to find an actual job due to the lack of education and skill, so they were given the low paying jobs with long …show more content…
The Thomas family immigrated to the united states due to trouble in the silk industry (“Thomas Family”). After nine years working in the dry goods business, Thomas returned to Virginia to marry his wife Ramah. Thomas’s wife lived in Lebanon while he was in Virginia pedding dry goods. While in Lebanon Ramah and Thomas had 2 kids, Salene and Alene. In 1907 the family immigrated to the United States for a second time. The family decided to settle in virginia, in a town called Matoaka. There diab opened a successful general store. The next many years, Diab and Ramah settled down and had a total of 11 kids. In 1930 , the family decided to move and settle into Mullens Virginia. Diab sadly died in mullen’s Virginia in 1973, at the age of

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