Immigration To America Research Paper

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Have you ever thought of why people migrate to the U.S? Like most of us know immigrants migrate here in search for work, and to fulfill their dream which we all know of; the American dream. Immigration in the U.S has always been a major problem, but what people don’t get is that without immigrants America’s society as a whole would be much different. Everything would be different like; customs and traditions, and less agricultural jobs. On the other hand, illegal people usually come to the U.S for a better life because in other countries having one job is not enough to support a family; moreover, the wages immigrants earn aren’t enough they get payed at a low salary. Also, it is why people from foreign countries are poor. People view the concept of immigration as bad simply because they think many illegal immigrants come to the U.S and commit crimes. Moreover, people also think that immigrants take over …show more content…
Imagine getting home to a note from your undocumented mother who says she got arrested by ICE and that she doesn’t know if she’ll see you ever again. Well, it is what many people here in the U.S go through. Based on Victor Davis Hanson’s article “Our Brave New World” also tells, how he experienced a time in which a man driving a van crashed into another car and how he left the incident because it seemed like he was scared for being an undocumented. Hanson’s point is that people like the man driving the van will even run from an incident because they are afraid they will be taken back to their country and it just isn’t right. Undocumented people should only be taken back to their country when a crime is committed, but shortly after they serve time for their crime like for example, killing

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