College Vs. High School Essay

1114 Words Apr 11th, 2016 5 Pages
College vs High School College and high school are really different. College can be really stressful. They should make college less stressful like high school. College students have to worry so much about how to pay for college, get books for classes. They even have to worry about getting a hold of the teacher to have them help them out with an assignment. College can be more fun and excited if we didn’t have to worry so much. In high school you don’t have for many things like you do in college. High school is a lot easier because they don’t have to do as much. In high school you have pick your class and what class you want to take and if they don’t have that class open you have to pick a different one. In college you have make your schedule and what time you want classes and what days. If you want a class and you can take the class just at a different time. So you can take night classes unlike high school that is only during the day. In college you get all the homework assignment on the first day of class. So you have an idea what to expect in the class. High school is cheaper than college we all know that, but we don’t realize that in college you have to pay so much. We pay for every little detail like just to park your car you have to pay $20 just so you can park your car. You have to pay for parking twice which I didn’t know until I was going to pay for my second semester. But you don’t have to pay to park your car in high school and your car spends more time there…

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