Compare And Contrast Community University Vs Community College

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Community College Vs. Four-year Thinking, Thinking, Thinking… When it comes to Community College or a four-year University. There is a lot to think about. When they have just getting finish with High School, which that was hard by it self. College is the last thing most people are thinking about. Well let 's see which one is the best to start with. When selecting a school its want to make sure that it offers the classes and degree program that they are aiming to achieve. For example mechanical engineering is only offered at some schools. Community colleges, also called junior colleges, are two-year schools where they can obtain either a degree in an associates or a certificate. The highest degree they can receive is an Associate at a community …show more content…
When it comes to the community college it can be worked around there schedule. You could go to school at any time. Community is basic on the every day life they help out to have an education but at the same time they help he or she out with your schedule. Community colleges usually offer classes at all time during the week to help adjust better with your schedule. For example, if you have children and can only take classes at night they offer night classes compared to universities that barely if ever offer that many night classes. With University they 're not really a fixable schedule where they can say there base that schedule around he or she instructor 's availability. They 're classes are more basic off a high school schedule set up. As in class from this time to this time, then break then they have a next class start in an hour 1 or …show more content…
This factor is known as extracurricular. For example things like sports. A lot of students tend to want to go to schools that have the best-known social interaction. Future students like to explore on the idea that they could recreate them self 's into a new person when they go out to college (Pros and Cons). Most students either end up in some kind of club, sorority, fraternity, or involved in athletics like football, baseball, or soccer. Some how ever use the scholarships and grants given to them by athletics to help pay off there school fees at a lower rate. This sounds all great and wonderful but things like sports are only offered at universities. Community colleges don 't offer athletic programs, but at the same time it is cheaper to go to a community than a university. On the other hand some students use their new social interactions to “party hard” and not focus on their education (Pros and Cons). This situation they wouldn 't have to worry as much at a community college because they go to a college with one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose is to earn the degree they need in order to make it to the next step in there life with out any distractions like sports.
So when it comes down to picking Community college or Four year university. Now there is a lot of info you can go though and pick with one is best for them. Getting a little background on where they want to in terms

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