Low College Tuition Research Paper

The United States Government should make arrangements to lower the high costs of college tuition, allowing individuals to afford paying for the courses and expenses without falling into debt, with the effort of the Congress, College boards, and the President, because these executives are able to contribute a budget for funds, make orderly changes with the educational regulations, help students regardless from a rich or poor family, and take action even in the most difficult situations.

BODY PARAGRAPH 1: The effort in lowering college tuitions is moving at a very slow pace, and now is the time for the highest leads to come together to make the experience more affordable for everyone.
The sudden rise of college tuitions began right after the
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BODY PARAGRAPH 2: High college tuition is a dilemma for those with the strive for higher education but they are unable to afford the costs of it.
This leaves many people working with only minimum wage jobs, which is also a struggle for them especially if they have bills to pay and a family to support.
In addition to this, it is very complex to live off of minimum wage for one’s entire life in today’s economy.
Every year, inflation is constantly on the rise. This concept makes it more difficult to afford the common goods that are up for purchase, but the further downside to this is that the buyer’s salary does not increase enough to catch up with the rate of the products.
Being unable to pay back the loans taken out for college tuition puts an individual’s life at risk.
Debt is a major downside to the financial life of an individual because it can cause more major problems which interferes with current credit scores.
College students are striving for brighter futures and debt is a huge encounterment that only slows down the process of
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With the approval of the president to pass the bill of lower and affordable college tuition, there will be higher opportunities for everyone.
For the past few years, President Obama has made some adjustments with the college expenses.
The costs of tuition has not been necessarily lowered, but there has been a few helpful resources offered for college students with a low income such as the Student Loan Forgiveness and federal grants.
The president can contribute a budget for funds from high income taxpayers and private institutions to help individuals attend college without having to worry about being in debt.
Those who are making beyond millions of dollars per year could donate to the budget for college funds in order to help college students with the expenses.

BODY PARAGRAPH 6: With the support from the College Board, Congress, and the President, it is more than likely possible for college tuitions to become highly affordable.
The United States Congress should start off by creating a new law that offers lower college tuition varying from eight hundred dollars to four thousand dollars per year, depending on the college major that the college individual

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