College Of The University Of Iowa Essay

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My journey first began when I decided to attend The University of Iowa in the fall of 2013 after graduating from Urbandale High School. I attended Iowa for 2 years and then when it came time to choose where I would apply to nursing school at I was stuck between wanting to continue on at Iowa’s College of Nursing, pending on my acceptance, but also needing a change in my life. I decided to choose change and Mercy College of Health Sciences presented an opportunity for just that. There is a program offered at Mercy College of Health Sciences (MCOHS) that was too good for me to pass up. My current focus has been on achieving my BSN and the program I had heard about was fairly new but provided an opportunity for me to get my BSN while doing it in only 2 short years. This was the perfect scenario for me and therefore I am extremely grateful to have been accepted into that program. I wanted to attend MCOHS specifically for a few of the following reasons: Size, quality, and location.
Through word of mouth from others I have heard only great things about Mercy’s nursing program and after transferring from a school whose class size ranged from 30 to 300 I knew the amount of people I would be learning with was an important factor in my decision. My future school needed to be a place where my teachers would know my name and care about my education specifically, and not as a statistic among the 300. Following the class size my next thought went to quality. MCOHS has a great reputation…

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