College : It Is A Big Deal Essay

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College: It is a Big Deal

(An analysis of how I plan to pay for my college education)

College is something that is not just a thing for the elitist student to do. It is almost required in today 's day and age to lead what many believe is a successful life. At the current time, I really have no idea where I want to attend college or what sort of degree I want to pursue. One thing is for certain however, college is not very affordable. An average tuition for one semester of college is approximately eighteen thousand dollars according to the National College Board. That is more that some people make in an entire year. Some things that are factored into that average cost are room and board, meals. tuition, fees, books, and even things such as out of state or in state fees. As a student in high school who has had one or two summer jobs and a job after school with an average of ten hours a week at minimum wage, it is highly unlikely that college will be affordable. There are many ways to combat that issue however as there are things such as scholarships available. Scholarships are a great way to earn money. however they can be really time consuming and competitive. In addition to scholarships, grants are a great way to help pay for school. Grants though do not usually appear until later on in life. They are much more common in graduate school. As for the rest of college, things like loans as well as student aid are going to have to be used. Depending on what…

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