College Is The Most Important Times Essay

1341 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout your life, you are constantly changing. One such time in your life where change is most prevalent is college. College is one of the most important times in your life as it is when you work towards what want to do in your future. It is also a time where many people change and find out who they truly are. I have not been to college long enough to really find myself, but I have seen myself changing. Since starting college at Lakeland, I have noticed that I have become more independent, better at managing my time, and less stressed. I have noticed that since starting college at Lakeland I have become more independent, as I am more responsible for myself than at my high school. In college your parents are not as involved in your education as they are in high school. They do not get contacted if your grades are bad and they do not call you off of school. This ultimately makes you more independent as it is up to you to get good grades and go to class. However, this did not affect me as much because I usually get good grades in my classes and I do not miss that much school. Another way that college has made me more responsible is how the teachers in college are different from the teachers in high school. In high school, the teachers are always there reminding you about homework assignments or upcoming tests. Also, if you do not turn in your homework or show up for your tests, they will be chasing after you, asking when you plan on taking your test or turning in your…

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