College Is Not Worth The Long Time Essay

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Untitled College. The word that can bring a heart palpation of either joy or fear to the one who hears it. When exploring the options that are out there, there are three options that come to mind:community college and universities. To some, college is a place where rigorous coursework takes place and the three A.M. Rush to finish a paper begins. Or it 's an institution that gears its students up to take on the challenges of their career by giving them the fundamentals. Then, there are the individuals who believe that altogether, college is not worth the long time claim has been told in pursuing a degree through higher education. In Charles Murray “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, he examines the ideas of a liberal and utilitarian process of education. Most of his argument isn 't that there are too many people going to college but rather too many people are going to learn what they should 've learned in their earlier years through liberal education. With this in mind, Murray puts into argument that the college years are meant for the more rigorous works. However, this is not ideal for students in different ranges of studies. A liberal education is not practical for those who are wanting to go into certain practices. As he continues, Murray looks into how the rise of technology has worked in college. He writes on the change that technology has had over time, like from the nineteen-eighties and nineteen-nineties. Through these changes, more can be learned through…

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