College Essay: The Importance Of Lying In Our Society

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College Essay by; Keishawna Foster

Lying is not acceptable and that people shouldn’t do it and that it does justify in our society. I think that if someone is lying for a good reason and an important reason then it will be ok. But if people are just lying because they don’t want to tell the truth or they got stuck in a situation where lying was the only thing that they could do and they don’t know how to tell the truth because they are so used to lying that they just keep lying to keep the lies. Lying would be acceptable to me if you were stuck in a situation and it was a situation where you just couldn’t tell the truth to them and you had to lie just so that you wouldn’t hurt them because you lied about what you did so that they
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But to me I would accept a lie if it was like an actual thing that you just couldn’t tell me and it was serious and you just didn’t know if hurting me was worst or just lying to me. I think that if it’s a really serious situation and you just can’t tell them the truth then yes tell the lie and god and that person will understand why you did it and god will forgive you of your sins and that person may or may not forgive you for what you lied to them about if it was that important to lie to them or if you could of just told them then you shouldn’t have lied. Lying in society being acceptable would be like your trying to get out of trouble for something you did but you don’t want to get into trouble so you tell a lie to get yourself out of trouble all because you don’t want to get into trouble you shouldn’t have did what you shouldn’t have done to get into trouble and by lying yourself out of trouble you’re going to get into more trouble just because you are …show more content…
Do you think you want to lie again after you just caused more mess and trouble? People lie to get out of trouble to get out of situations they don't wanna be in and don't want to get in trouble but they shouldn't have put there self out there in that situation and then there wouldnt be no trouble and they wouldnt have to lie about anything lying is unacceptable you shouldn't do it. The things people lie for in our society shouldn't have lied for that reason because it's just the stupid things people lie for or do the dumbest things to get out of trouble. Why lie when you know eventually that day will come and you getting busted about lying instead of telling the truth and thats when you realize lying is bad lying doesn't get you anywhere no one will trust you no one will ever listen to you when you are telling them something because you have lied so

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