Essay about College Education Should Not Be Free

764 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
The major objective for most of us earning a college degree is to have an increased gross income, and, yes, it is true that the recipients of a college degree earn more for a living than others with just a high school diploma. However, there is an increasing body that finds it difficult to pay the yet increasingly, and usually expensive costs of attending college. As both Republican and Democratic parties hold rallies and conventions across the nation, and having discussions on trendy topics, including border security and undocumented immigrants; on the other side, there is the not so trendy topic on whether college education should or should not be free. Well, from the looks of it, this less mentioned topic has probably been brought up a few times but with many negative issues, politicians tend to look to the brighter side. This essay is not meant to be biased but to inform the body that does not fully understand the consequences free college education would have on us as a nation. For a growing number of reasons, college education should not be free in the United States of America. First, someone would have to pay for it; second, people would take college for advantage; and last but not least, they would only be able to fund a fixed amount of programs. All these factors add up to the constant reasons for having free college education. To begin with, having a free college education would be an elaborate decision. Elaborate because it is the home of the brave, right;…

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