Colleen Hardee Reflective Report

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On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 I continued my preceptorship and went back to B6, which is the neurology floor at Jackson General Hospital. My Preceptor was Colleen Hardee, the unit director of the floor. The mission statement of the hospital was, “To improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve while providing exceptional and compassionate care.” I stepped on the floor at 0750, but I could not find the clinical manager or unit director. I was suppose to be with the clinical manager, because Mrs. Hardee had a meeting at 0800 but I could not locate her. I was able to find a nurse and she took me to the skills fair where Mrs. Pam, the clinical manager was assisting. The neurology floor was in charge of stroke education, so I listened to what Mrs. Pam had to teach them. Jackson General is a certified stroke facility which requires a lot of documentation. She explained that a simple “bedside nurse swallow screen” had to be filled out, and if they failed that documentation, speech therapy had to perform a swallow test. An example of a question on that form was, …show more content…
I also learned how to deal with situations throughout the day, even if you are under extreme stress. Besides the fact that Mrs. Hardee was busy that day, her mother was in the ICU. She did not let this affect the care of her patients, though. Throughout the day I felt many emotions, one of them being frustration. This mainly came from Mrs. Pam, but it was alleviated when I went with Mrs. Hardee. I also felt sympathetic towards Mrs. Hardee because she was having a rough day. Many days we’re going to have personal situations that are going on that shouldn’t affect patient care. Sometimes we can’t control our emotional state but we should realize this before it affects the patient. We should step back, breathe, and ask another nurse to take over for a couple minutes if

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