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Within this report the macro-forces of an industry will be analysed, continuing on to compare the marketing mix of two organisations within that industry. All organisations - with their suppliers, customers, competitors, and publics - have a macroenvironment. This environment consists of macro forces that act on and affect the organisation and are generally outside their control, as opposed to the micro forces which also affect the organisation, but are generally under their control. The marketing mix is the term used to describe how an organisation goes about developing a product and selling it to the market.
The industry chosen is soft drinks which industry falls into the category of fast-moving-consumable-goods (FMCG's),
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• The technological environment ' this can create new markets and opportunities, as well as replace older ones. It can be of great benefit to society, but also of great disaster e.g guns 4.

• The political environment ' consists of laws, government agencies and pressure groups that influence and limit organisations 5. An example of this is the new legislation passed that now products need to label all information, including how they are made.

• And the cultural environment ' which is made up of institutions and other forces that affect society's basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviours 6. An example is of people who are patriotic and may only buy products manufactured by their own country as they believe it's for the better.

An organisation must carefully watch and respond to changes in these forces as they all can shape opportunities and also create threats.
The ways in which the macroenvironment may effect the soft drink industry will now be discussed with reference to the above definition. It isn't necessary to assume that all these macro forces will have an obvious effect on the industry, however it's more than likely most of them will.
Demography can and will affect the soft drink industry in several ways. Youths and young adults are definitely the age group that makes up the majority of consumers in this industry. There has been a decline in the young adults group during the 1990's as a result of the reduced

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