How Did Coke Change Over Time

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Coca-Cola management over time
Coke have celebrated their 131st anniversary since May 8th 2017. Coke has seen many changes over the years. When coke first started out, the product was selling nine drinks a day. Now coke sells about 19,400 beverages every second all around the world. Although coke is the most popular soft drink in the world, this was not always the case. Coke always had good advertising strategies from day one. Since coke started out in 1886 they started using coupons for free drinks to raise interest in the product. In 1892 coke was sold to Asa Candler. He had an advertising budget of $11,000. Candler used products such as calendars, soda fountain urns, painted wall signs, napkins, pencils and clocks to advertise coke. Then in 1900 Hilda Clark advertised coke. She was the
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To this day numerous celebrities have advertised the brand. In 1904 coke purchased space in the national magazine. By 1911 cokes advertising budged had increased greatly to more than $1 million. In the 1920’s coke introduced outdoor billboards and radio program sponsorships into its advertising mix. In 1931 the famous Christmas coke ads began. This ad showed an illustration of St. Nick drinking coke. Then in 1950 the first television ad premiered on Thanksgiving Day. In 1933 the ‘Northern Lights’ commercial was aired. This was the debut of cokes polar bears. Although coke has had many positive advertising strategies, there was one strategy that went downhill for coke. In 1985 coke was competing with Pepsi. Coke decided to change their formula. This was the first time in 199 years that the formula was changed. There was a very negative reaction to this change in flavour. Coke went back to the original recipe in just 79 days of changing it. Cokes advertising budget

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