Coke and Pepsi Issues Essay

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Case 23: Coke and Pepsi in India: Issues, Ethics, and Crisis Management

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1. Abstract 3

2. Introduction 4

3. Issue Management 5

4. Crisis Management 7

5. Global Business Ethics 10

6. Stakeholder Management 13

7. Corporate Social Responsibility 14

1. Economic Responsibilities 14

2. Legal Responsibilities 15

3. Ethical Responsibilities 16

4. Philanthropic Responsibilities 18

8. Lessons from the Case 20

9. Conclusion 21

References 22

1. Abstract
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However, Coke shown a bad issue management because in response to the crisis, Coke first chose to conduct its own test of their products which shows that the drinks are safe to be consumed. Then, the company conducted various studies that indicated all Indian food supply has a certain levels of pesticide in it. Obviously their main aim right now is to distract the public’s attention by spinning the arrow back to India’s side. In this manner, Coke is clearly abusing their customer’s rights of safety and rights of health as Coke conduct its own test on its own products. Certainly, the results can be really questionable. In the issue management process, after analyzing the issue, a company would formulate a series of strategies to solve the issues. Then, the company would implement the formulated response and start to monitor the results. If the issues are solved, then the company will evaluate the response in order to get prepared for similar issues that might arise again in the future. However, if the issues are still affecting the company, they will formulate another response to solve the issues effectively. In this case, Coke issue certainly had not ended. This is because the company did pollute the environment. However, they choose to not apologize. Instead, Coke hired a new public relations firm to build a new image in order to boost up their sales in the country. This act shows that Coke not only prioritize their profits but also trying to hide their

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