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The text suggests that organizations typically go through four stages in their use of external coaches:

1. Ad hoc coaching – driven by individuals;

2. Managed coaching driven by a champion or sponsor;

3. Proactive coaching driven by business need;

4. Strategic coaching driven by organizational talent strategy (Smither & London, 2009).

The first stage is often driven by the enthusiasm of a few senior executives who have found coaching personally beneficial and recommend it to others, and who locate coaches by personal recommendation or through people they know. Suddenly, the organization can discover that they are spending a large amount of money on coaching, which is being paid for from local budgets, with no financial or quality monitoring. In the second stage, organizations often appoint a key individual, either a senior executive or a senior member of the HR or learning and development department, to lead the production of a more central plan for coaching and expenditure in this area.
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