Cmgt 555 Entire Course Essay

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CMGT 555 Entire Course

CMGT 555 Week 1 DQs

DQ 1:List the stages of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). They could apply to any sizeable project, not just software development, don’t you think?

DQ 2:Take one of the stages of the SDLC, explain it and give an example of it in a work or personal project that you are familiar with. (Feel free to answer questions more than once)

CMGT 555 Week 2 DQs

DQ 1: The major activities covered in the planning phase are scope definition (expected results), constraints (the boundaries for the scope, may be financial or time bound) and
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Prepare a 2–3 page plan for determining the feasibility of the systems development.

CMGT 555 Week 2 Team Assignment- SR-RM-004

Prepare and submit a 2-3 page executive sumary of the project. An executive summary that reveals the areas of the business to be improved,

identifies the purpose of the project, expected benefits and lists the stakeholders associated with the project

CMGT 555 Week 3 System Design Gathering Requirements

Prepare a 2-3 page plan for gathering requirement. Build on the systems development selected in week 2. Begin gathering the requirements for the project. State any assumptions you make.

CMGT 555 Week 3 Team Assignment SR-RM-004

Prepare and submit a 2-4 page identification of the business requirements of the service request. Include the information gathering

techniques used to collect the requirements from stakeholders and why you chose those methods.

CMGT 555 Week 4 Individual Paper System Development

Prepare a 3-5 page requirements document for the systems development selected in week two. Include the following areas of analysis:





CMGT 555 Week 4 Project Plan Update Business Requirements

Riordan Manufacturing is exploring various options for an excellent human resource system to

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