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Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report

Abstract Kudler Fine Foods is developing a customer loyalty program that will reward customers and increase sales. Kudler has requested the team to design the customer loyalty program while making sure that system meets security requirements. The following paper will describe a plan on how Kudler can achieve their goal by using the Systems Development Life Cycle or SDLC, which has five phases, and how they can use each one. As part of establishing Kudler’s reputation, the company will emphasize the need for security for the business and its customers.

Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is a local business based in San Diego
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It is highly recommended to include security methods during each phase of the SDLC because it can potentially lower costs, eliminate physical control challenges, and improve security positions within the company.
During the initiation phase of the SDLC, Kudler Fine Foods would need to perform a detailed analysis of the frequent shopper program and determine how the company should utilize it and if the program will be independent or part of the existing system. By focusing on security during this phase, Kudler will be able prioritize all risks that are associated with the program. It will also ensure that the system will have the capability to establish and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA). A preliminary risk assessment should be performed afterwards to provide a guide for any necessary security requirements.
During the development/acquisition phase is when system is developed and put into place. Kudler Fine Foods will determine which systems should be deployed and or integrated to support the implementation of the new rewards program. A risk assessment should also occur during this phase so that any existing security protocols can be enforced.

Threats and Vulnerabilities
The table listed below identifies some of the threats and vulnerabilities that can undermine the success of Kudler Fine Foods’ frequent shopper program. The table below outlines the specific system areas that would be affected the

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