1.1 Reflection Questions

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Seminar 1 Reflection Questions

To make our time together as productive and efficient as possible, please reflect on the following questions and email your responses to Dr. West and Dr. Clauhs by Tuesday, 9/13.

1. How much of your teaching opportunity/experience is indeed student-centered? Why?

Since this is Block 1 and the beginning of the school year, a lot of the first few days of school has involved work outside of playing music and rehearsing, including things such as organizing the band room, assembling music and folders, and going over handbooks and general classroom rules and regulations. Teaching at the school year really made me realize how much a band director has to do outside of actually teaching the students. A lot goes into
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As you practice your teaching in another teacher’s “classroom-space”, how does this impact your ability to be yourself?

My co-op and I get along well. He is a great mentor, and is very supportive and helpful. He makes sure I know that I’m welcome in his classroom. He is open to my ideas, and respects me as both a teacher and student. He encourages me to be myself with the students. While, I do feel nervous working with the ensembles and knowing my co-op is watching me, I have no problem knowing that I am working in another teacher’s space. I recognize that I am a part of a band program that has flourished under his direction as a guest.

3. Describe a classroom management issue that you have encountered. What happened? How did you handle the situation? Reflecting back, what would you have done differently (if anything)?

I am happy to say that I’ve had very few classroom management issues so far. Most of the students I’ve worked with are very respectful and I do not think I’ll have many issues these next
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What has been the biggest surprise (good or bad) about your experience thus far? How have you handled this surprise?

I’m not really surprised about anything so far.

5. What have been your greatest challenges thus far?

A lot goes into being a band director at a high school. Not only do I work with many students, but there are a lot of administrative tasks to complete as well. I find that I’m really tired most of the time and like I don’t have enough time in the day to go to school, attend marching band rehearsals, and then go home and prepare fully for the next day’s rehearsals.

I also get nervous standing in front of the different ensembles, knowing that everyone (including my co-op) is watching me. It does get a bit easier every day, however.

6. What have been your greatest joys thus far?

Like I’ve pointed out before, the students are incredibly fun, kind, and passionate about band and music. It is amazing being part of a program of nearly 200 band students (and thriving choir and orchestra programs as

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