Classroom Management, Organization And Instructional Strategies

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Knowledge Throughout this practicum experience I gained many insights into classroom management, organization and instructional strategies. I would like to begin with classroom management, my facilitating teacher utilized the clip system and reward ticket system in her classroom. While the clip system is an excellent system in theory the success of it can be determined by how the teacher utilizes it. While in the field I found the clip system to be more of a threat to be leveraged against students. The same students were continually clipping down with little chance to clip up. The reward ticket system is just that a reward for good behavior, it is also connected to the clip chart, those that end the week on red earned tickets as a reward. Students were also able to earn tickets with good behavior whenever the teacher decided to hand them out. Both of these systems are a good foundation for classroom management but I believe the clip system needs to be a positive reinforcement not a threat, tickets need to be handed out on a consistent basis, and all students need to have the chance to move up the clip chart. Clear rules, clear expectations and clear understanding of what students should do when they are finished with their work would also help in this matter. Organization is another key component in an efficient classroom. My field classroom was set up with 21 students seated in groups of 5, four of the groups had empty desks in their groups. Their reading…

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