What Our Education Needs Is More F's Analysis

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What Our Education Needs Is More F’s
“What our education system needs is more F’s” written by Carl singleton is stating that giving F’s to students who deserve, it may be the solution for fixing our education system. According to singleton, “By handing out more F’s frequently that will motivate students themselves to actually learn the material and receive the grade they deserve.” Singleton is implying that the only students who grasp the material taught should be allowed to pass and the rest should not pass. Singleton also points out that this is due to schools that have added to the ignorance on a massive scale issuing passing grades unfairly in the last 20 years. Singleton believes that by teachers giving out failing grades parents would
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According to singleton,” If F’s were to appear on more work sheets in schools or colleges, it would be noticed and people would have no other choice but to take action.” Singleton is correct with his notion that the standards need to be set higher and that schools should take immediate action to grading students work according to their performance. Singleton states that,” illiteracy among high school graduates is growing because those students have been passed rather than flunked.” One of the reasons why he believes this is because there are students that have passed classes in school and have moved on to the next grade not ready for it. Singleton is absolutely correct with his notion that the grading scales should be pushed higher and not lower. By doing these things that will allow students to work hard for their grades and be motivate them to do …show more content…
The fact is that if the student deserves the grade it’s fair but the unfair part is for those students that are not receiving the kind of help they need or that is required to do better. The education system is in need of more dedicated teachers and parents. Every child learns differently, some are more visual and some are better listeners and note takers. The solution that Carl Singleton has to improve the performance of students can be debated. On one hand it makes all the sense in the world to give out the grade that was earned by a student with no special needs or learning disabilities but on another hand what about those students that are not getting the extra help at home or school? Giving out F 's will only hurt more students than it helps. A better solution would be to put more time and effort into tutoring and assisting the struggling students. Therefore, If Teachers and Parents could help one another there would not be any need to fail any student because the student would be getting the proper assistance needed to

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