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One writer said the expert in everything was once a beginner and this I believe hold true. This practicum experience has not only broadened my scope about this field of work, but it allowed me to go through a series of trials and errors. It has taught me certain characteristics of what a passionate care worker should be, and that is to be altruistic, accountable, empathic and committed. Throughout my three weeks experience, I have grown professionally, gained knowledge, insights and have benefited immensely.
Prior to starting my practicum, I had goals of what I wish to accomplish, and it is fair to say that I have accomplished my goals and more. One significant aspect of being a professional is taking the initiative to learn new things and this I have tried my best to do so that I can be successful on my practicum. Additionally, I was able to collaborate with staff and work as a team to get the job done, I was able to familiarize myself with the company’s ethics and policies in a short time span, and I was able to share information with staff in our daily report meetings even though I can be a bit of an introvert.
Being a care work is not just having knowledge of the role, but in essence, it’s about doing the role. At Elmwood, I have gained knowledge about different techniques in lifting, transferring and baths. I have also gained knowledge of
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Not only did I learn to operate as a Disability Support Worker in a professional environment, I was able to gain first-hand experience that I would not learn in a classroom setting. This experience has taught me about myself and how caring I am as an individual. Despite the few issues that I have encountered while on practicum, I am happy that I had an opportunity to have such experience. With this experience, it has it allowed me to see the different kind of people we have to deal with, thus encourages me strive to be a better Disability Support

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