Class And My Whole Perspective On English Essay

783 Words Dec 18th, 2015 4 Pages
I’ve never really been capable of actuality of making stories up or having a huge imagination. Although, I do love to read until my heart is content. I remember reading every single Harry Potter when they came out and I would fall asleep reading them every night. Until now, I’ve been really weary of college English classes. I went to ISU back in 2009 and I took two English classes that were absolutely horrible. When I was told I had to take, two more English classes at the same time, it was déjà vu; I was baffled and dreading the long 3 hour night classes, at dinner time and during precious family. Even after taking advanced English in high school and passing both of my ISU classes I was again stuck taking 6 hours of required classes. Fortunately, I was put into Mr. Kash’s class and my whole perspective on English changed. In this reflective essay, I will be showing you how I’ve quickly rebounded from my abstinent from schooling and went from hating English to loving it.
After not being in school for a long time I kind of figured I would need to brush up on my skills and discipline myself to study. At first I was nervous because I didn’t think I would do as well with my terrible memory of spelling and grammar. Now, 12 weeks later, I have significantly sharpened my ability to format my papers and stay on topic rather than mumble excessively. I have challenged myself, by making myself think on spot and make things up. Before this class, I had a cases of writers block, but I…

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