Citizenship Education : A Viable Framework For Assessing Citizenship

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One of the major challenges for schools is to develop a viable framework for assessing citizenship education.

Even more challenging is the task of creating a set of indicators by which schools might judge: the success and quality of citizenship education in the formal curriculum, in school cultures, and in its interaction with the community.

There is a need to analyse and define the domains of citizenship education more effectively, and to clearly distinguish between the types of outcomes teachers will be expected to measure.

This chapter aims to explore issues of assessing citizenship education by addressing three questions:

1) Should we assess citizenship education at all?
2) What should we assess in citizenship education?
3) How could we assess citizenship education?

1) After reading the points made in this article, as well as the several concerns of the authors regarding assessment of citizenship education, do you believe we can effectively assess citizenship education?
2) If you had your own classroom and were teaching a course on citizenship education, what would be some strategies and methods you would implement for assessment on the course?
3) Looking at the Citizenship Education Framework provided in the K-12 Ontario Curriculum documents on Citizenship Education, how would you assess this course based on the curriculum objectives? What approaches do you think would be most successful?
4) Lastly, should a citizenship education course have a formal examination?…

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