Essay Choosing A Business Manager Or Management

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Best Buy has had a problems just like any company. The biggest one they are currently facing is Amazon. Best Buy has lost so much business due to customers coming in and price checking what they want from Best Buy, but going else where to get it cheaper. At the same time customers are tired of going into Best Buy to get an item that there online site said was in, but when they get to the store its not really in stock. Another issue that is being brought up is the customer service that people are receiving from the workers. They are either not getting any help, not enough help,understaffed or unprofessional help. This is enough to make anyone not be a returning customer. The problem here is both interesting and debatable. There are two sides if not more about the company itself. You as a business owner or management needs to remember who you hire and how there attitude is reflects not only on you but the company as well. You will have your loyal customers who have nothing but good experiences. The business side that the customers and employees have nothing to do with, but need answers to what there are being told. Then you have the unsatisfied customers who have nothing but problems everything they walk in the door. I have been both the good and the bad customer. I have had both experiences, but the not enough help and long waiting has kept me from ever going back to a Best Buy again. I order everything off of Amazon and Ebay. If Best Buy could try to put something…

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