Choose an Aspect of the Law and Discuss This in Relation to the Role of the Nurse.

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The law is a system of rules that a particular country or a community acknowledges and enforces, in addition to regulates the actions of its members though the imposition of penalties. Nursing is a profession full of legal issue. A person must give their permission prior to any type of medical treatment or examination by a medical professional (NHS, 2014). Nurses have to follow the nursing midwifery code, which states nurses should “make sure appropriate informed consent is given and documented before carrying out any action” (NMC,2015). Therefore, prior to any treatment given, the person must give consent for the nurse to carry out the treatment.
In order for consent to be valid, it must be voluntary. The person must have come to the
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Consent can be expressed verbally by the person. This can be gained by the nurse asking the person if they can carry out the treatment. For example, the nurse could ask the person please may I check your temperature by putting this in your ear. The nurse would then wait for the person to say yes or no as to whether the nurse would carry out the treatment.
Another type of consent is implied. This is when a person’s action implies the nurse can carry out that treatment. For example, the nurse could ask to take the person blood pressure. However, the person does not answer but being to roll up their sleeve and give their arm to the nurse. The nurse can then carry out the treatment. Not matter what type of consent is given it should always be documented in the patients notes.
In emergency situation implied consent can be applied. If the patient is unconscious and admitted to an emergency department is would be assumed by an advanced practitioner that the patient would consent to the use of life saving measures (Dimond, 2008). If an unconscious person arrives at an emergency department needing surgery the advanced practitioner can give consent for the person to undergo the surgery if it will save that persons’ life. The actions of the practitioner have to necessary and follow the NMC code “Act in the best interests of people at all times” (NMC, 2015). Any measures taken without consent

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