Children 's Special Needs Children Essay

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On the log dated, 11/3/16 I observed the teacher and the ways she accommodated the special needs children in her class. The lesson this day was teaching the children hand-eye-coordination by catching a ball thrown at them. She began the lesson by talking about a ball and what it does: bounce and roll. Afterward, she showed the children the two balls that she was going to use to play catch with them. One was a large textured ball and the other was a small soft basketball. She then proceeded and asked the children if they have ever played catch at home. After the children answered she asked for a volunteer to show the children how to catch a ball. She chose a five-year-old boy to come up and demonstrate how to catch. I think she chose him because even at a young age he displays great emerging athletic skills. She broke it down step by step. Step one set your feet on the ground and have feet space out but not too much. Step two put hands out in front of your body in the middle of the chest. Step three use eyes to watch the person throwing the ball at you. Step four reach hands out the grab the ball in front of you. Step five catch the ball and hold it still. She went over these steps over and over again until she felt the children got it. I feel like when she kept repeating the steps on how to catch a ball that, that was an accommodation because being as though she had a lot of three-year-olds present that day the repetition of steps would be helpful to the younger children…

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