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  • My Observation Of Children In The Classroom

    On the log dated, 11/3/16 I observed the teacher and the ways she accommodated the special needs children in her class. The lesson this day was teaching the children hand-eye-coordination by catching a ball thrown at them. She began the lesson by talking about a ball and what it does: bounce and roll. Afterward, she showed the children the two balls that she was going to use to play catch with them. One was a large textured ball and the other was a small soft basketball. She then proceeded and asked the children if they have ever played catch at home. After the children answered she asked for a volunteer to show the children how to catch a ball. She chose a five-year-old boy to come up and demonstrate how to catch. I think she chose him because…

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  • Fast Food Fast Talk Analysis

    of the McDonalds that are in operation, based on Leidner’s book. Another was that, workers would work in more than one position throughout their shift (Leidner, p. 52). Leidner emphasizes that the workers are often cross-trained and able to perform multiple positions should the need arise. There was the expectation of speedy service and clean surroundings (Leidner, p. 53). This is something that is emphasized across every McDonalds in operation worldwide. The expectation of workers smiling at…

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  • Speech On Roller Coasters

    the cart? Have you ever had troubles cutting the string that’s attached to the perfect match that recently burnt out? Or had many failed attempts to walk away from the past? Here are my steps on breaking out the cocoon and becoming a free beautiful butterfly. Before attempting the BIG chop grab a blank sheet of paper and a permanent marker. The permanent marker is to show you how inerasable your decision at the end would be. Make a straight line down the center of the paper and each sides of the…

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  • Case Study: Sea Treasures

    Kotter’a eight steps include, “Step 1. Establish a sense of Urgency. Step 2. Form a powerful guiding coalition. Step 3. Develop a vision and strategy. Step 4. Communicate the change vision. Step 5. Empower others to act on the vision. Step 6. Generate short-term wins. Step 7. Consolidate gains and produce more change. Step 8. Anchor new approached in the culture.” (Weiss, 2016, Sec. 1.1). In step one, Sea Treasures had found their company in need of change due to the lack of customers which…

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  • Work Stress Analysis

    Even when managing a stressful environment seems impossible, small steps that result in big changes are possible. The book The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook points out five steps toward managing work-place stress. These steps are: 1) “Identify how you respond to your specific work stressor,”2)”Set goals to respond more effectively to your work stressors,” 3)”Change your thinking,” 4) “When in conflict, negotiate,” and lastly “Pace and balance yourself.” These five steps will not…

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  • APA Reflection Paper

    collection were used? What documents were studied? The study was completed in Mrs. Isabella’s classroom with several different reading level abilities. The exact number of students and age of students were not mentioned in the study. The students were assessed prior to using the approach and ongoing assessment was conducted throughout the study. 5. What procedures were used to actually collect the data? Every week Mrs. Isabella’s class would read a new book. On Mondays, she would complete…

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  • Supervision And Instructional Leadership: Classroom Analysis

    246). “The structure of clinical supervision can be simplified into five steps: 1. Preconference with teacher, 2. Observation of classroom, 3. Analyzing observation data and planning for post conference, 4. Post conference with teacher, and 5. Critique of previous steps (Glickman, 2014, p. 247)” Effects of Classroom Instruction Clinical supervision is identified as a way to enhance teachers’ thoughts and commitment to improving classroom practice. (Glickman, 2014, p.198). Supervisors should use…

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  • James Patterson: One Step At A Time To A Suspenseful Success

    James Patterson: One Step at a time to a Suspenseful Success James Patterson remains best recognized for his thriller series of Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, along with the Women’s Murder Club. These series are just a few to mention of the author’s colossal accomplishments in publications. Being duly noted that Patterson’s books account for one out of every seventeen hardcover novels purchased in the United States (Berkowitz). More so, Patterson’s achievement has been accredited to his…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Plan B One Step Emergency Contraception

    “Your birth control plan isn’t always perfect. So there’s Plan B One Step emergency contraception” is the phrase on the Plan B One Step website. Plan B is a single dose emergency contraceptive pill to help prevent an unintended pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Nine hundred and sixteen OB/GYNs were surveyed and recommended this brand over any other. Although this product is beneficial to some, it causes controversy with others. There are three different types of ads,…

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  • Analysis Of Kurt Wallander: One Step Behind The Seventh Novel

    One Step Behind the seventh novel in the series is a fan favorite that is set in Midsummer’s Eve. Three young friends rendezvous in the forest to play out an intricate masquerade. Out of nowhere, the three are shot each with a single bullet. The killing of one of Inspector Wallander’s colleagues soon follows the tragic murders of the three murders. Wallander takes up the investigation determined to establish if there is any connection between the murders. However, this time he is always one-step…

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