Children Should Not Be Allowed Unsupervised Internet Use Freely Accessible Now

836 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Do you know what your child, little brother, or baby cousin is doing on the internet? Not many people do. My little sister has me blocked from all of her social media accounts because she wants her “privacy” at twelve years old. From personal experience I can vouch for the internet being a very unsafe place for children. I believe that young children should not be allowed unsupervised internet use freely.
The internet is something easily accessible now. You carry it with you on your phone and your tablet. Nowadays young children are getting all these mobile devices and laptops without knowing of the dangers and repercussions of what can happen. My younger sister, Tylia, is in seventh grade and comes home from school telling me horror stories about her friends sending pictures, messaging, and talking to these strangers on the phone that they only met online. Predators online are very manipulating. Sometimes adults end up falling for the same trap that children do. A show called Catfish shows many adults getting scammed by people who are pretending to be someone else over the internet. If adults are still being manipulated, then why should we give children the rope to hang themselves with.
Some may argue that the kids are too young to understand what buttons to press and don’t know how to navigate a computer. Now with how technology is going, that’s not true. My mom’s boyfriend’s son is four years old and he knows how to use my IPhone better than my 70-year-old…

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