Essay on Children At A Local Fitness Center

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For my observations, I interviewed girl, let’s call her Penny, who teaches gymnastics to children at a local fitness center. She is a close friend of mine and I have always been interested in what she does in her job. She teaches classes every Friday and Saturday to children ranging from 2-14 years old. I observed her multiple times and recorded 6 hours of observations. After talking to Penny Lane, I found out she did gymnastics as a child at her local fitness center. She was a student there for about 8 years, while growing up. Then while she was in high school, she was asked to teach for students at her fitness center. She loved it so much that when she moved up to Bellingham, she asked the fitness center in town if she could teach some lessons. At the time, no one was teaching gymnastics and the fitness center said that she could teach. She was able to create her own lesson plans and has been working at this location for 2 years. This is how she was able to get involved with this type of work. She did mention a few struggles with the job such as the fitness center does not have a lot of funding and that occasionally hinders the lessons and she described that older students tend to drop out and go somewhere else. When I questioned her how she felt about her work she said that it was laidback and enjoyable. She adores working with kids and feels comfortable teaching gymnastics. She wants to keep this job throughout her schooling because she wants to be an elementary school…

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