Childhood Education ( Ece ) At Consumes River College Essay

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This semester, I enrolled in Early Childhood Education 350 (ECE) at Consumes River College, which transfers over to Sacramento State as Child Development 35F. ECE 350 is a course that incorporates lecture and fielded experience at a school site. I was a student volunteer at John Reith Elementary school for an AM and PM kindergarten class. Ms. Moua is the morning instructor, and this is her first year at John Reith and Ms. Din is the afternoon instructor and is a veteran at John Reith. John Reith is a titled one school, meaning the majority of the students receive free or reduced lunch. The school is gated and the only way to enter is through the office, which protects the staff and students from any intruders. The school offers additional programs such as counseling, special education, and the learning center. ( The learning center will provide one on one instruction for the students that are falling behind. ( Children who attended John Reith Elementary will attend Samuel Jackman Middle School and Valley High School. ( I volunteered every Thursday for 4 to 5 hours and a total of 54 hours during the semester. Over the course of 10 weeks, I worked closely with the students and the instructors assisting them whenever it was needed. I would make sure that the students were on task, following the directions and finished their assignments.

There are two AM kindergarten classes and one PM…

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