Child Development In Piaget's Period Of Cognitive Development

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I picked her up from her school, brought her home, follow by eating some sweets and watching “Frozen”. Then we went to pizzeria after which i took her home. There was my sister and my fiance.
As i was picking her up from the school i noticed how she interacts with her peers and her teachers. Knows everyone’s name, wavis her hand and says good bye. She is always excited to talk her classmates. Later she told me that her best friend 's name is Julie, and her supposably boy friend’s name is Justine. Liahna is curious child. Wants to know everything. Loves to talk about her marriage. She asked my fiance if he loves me, then asks why he loves me. She told me that she will go on a date and the next day will get marry to Justine. She dreams to have
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Such as, her story about her boyfriend and the wedding or the cooking game, when she pretends that she is cooking with kitchen toys, making imaginary food and asks her brothers to eat it. Lily also loves Shabbat, she describes it as a day when she dresses up into pretty cloth and her brothers into “Shabbat cloth” and go to uncle Shammy’s house. Which demonstrates her cultural relevant skills and knowledge.
Liahna acts like her mother; helping her to cook, folding the laundry, painting her nails. She imitates her mother, as if she is talking to the friends on the phone. She is also very understanding, she gets along with everybody. When we were talking about her marriage and kids, she said that she likes my name and wishes to name one of her daughter 's name “Sayyora”, then she realized that there was my fiance in the car and said “don 't be sad i will name my son Javo” (his name), even though he did not ask for it. She considered thoughts and wants of my fiance. She assumed that he might be disappointed or sad if she doesn 't use his name as
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Lily is growing up as a little girl with an adult mindset. She is extremely clever, and well informed. It is easy to have a conversation with her. She easily can recall past, in fact she reminds me of concepts that i might’ve forgotten.
She is interested in everything. Likes when someone reads her books, especially the books, that she knows so she could read along. Loves animals.
Liahna is very determined, and goal orientated. It was noticeable from the beginning. I believe she a person with an internal focus of control, if something does not turn out as she wanted she slowly tries again. One of the examples with the car seat, she like to buckle herself on her own. And if doesn 't get it at once, she doesn 't cry or ask for help. Harmously tries over and over until she achieves her goal.
She dresses like a girl, likes to paint her nails, and put eye shadow on. But, since she is growing up with two older brothers, she loves to be involved in all kinds of games that they play. If boys ask her to be a soldier, she will be the soldier, or power ranger. Yet, she also enjoys playing with her dolls, kitchen

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