Character Analysis Of Brokeback Mountain, By Annie Proulx

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The story, “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx presents us with a character named
Ennis del Mar who is unwilling and unable to reach for his heart’s desire, a man named Jack
Twist. Jack and Ennis meet when they are both young men, having grown up in almost identical situations. Both were high-school country boys with no prospects, brought up to hard work and privation, both rough- mannered, rough-spoken, inured to the stoic life. Both are real cowboys, both are also living the life expected of them including dating and having sex with women; at this point Ennis is even engaged. It is only after they begin working together on Brokeback
Mountain that acknowledge that they are homosexual and fall in love with one another.
Four years pass before
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As stated in the previous essay, Ennis del Mar from “Brokeback Mountain” is a character who, despite being in love, refuses to let his desires overcome him. Instead, he lives a life that is expected of him, playing into the cowboy stereotype and fulfilling the role of husband and father, instead of being with
Jack, his true love. Jack, himself is also constrained by society to hide his sexuality and lives as a married man for most of his life. However, although Jack yearns to live the rest of his life “out of the closet,” he, never gets the chance because society will not allow it; he is eventually murdered for being gay. Also, throughout the story, Ennis never tries to explain himself and never apologizes for the life he has chosen, even though he knows it will never be a happy one. Ennis consigns himself to this, and even after his divorce, refuses to act on impulse or even consider a future with Jack because he realizes he cannot change the minds of people
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In this way, the story is representative of the outlook of many African
American teens in American society. The story is also a microcosm of black teenagers living in the Bronx who are entering adulthood, but each is rather ignorant of the real world, of sexuality and the dangers of being a teenager in an adult world. In this way, these teenagers are representative of almost every teenager in America. However, their lives are influenced by factors that may not affect white teenagers’ lives, including absent parents and the freedom to do as they wish and go places while their parents are absent or occupied. She is also very accepting of the attitudes of men and although she does not quite understand, she is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt fulfilling yet another teen girl stereotype—ignorant and ill-informed.
Also, like most teenagers in American society, these teenagers do what they want without regard to society laws or constraints. They use fake i.d.’s and go to 21 and over clubs to meet men. It is, therefore, no surprise that each gives away her virginity the same night after partying and drinking in a club. This is certainly a familiar story and one that has played out thousands

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