Jazz Movement Analysis

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Video Response 2- Angelica Arvizu- 14 April 2016 Jazz is a type of music that branched off from ragtime. Jazz is faster paced music that is desired for dancing. Jazz became popular New Orleans and was known as “ratty” or “gut bucket” music. The spread of jazz took some time and not everyone approved it. Jazz offers musicians to express themselves through playing. Without jazz, other genres in the late 20th century would not be possible. Jazz let musicians have a voice in their creation of music. What I learned from the video is the uprising of jazz, significant people involved in jazz, and how it unfolded in America. In the early 20th century, Americans, especially, the youth was influenced by black culture. Adults become worried for the …show more content…
They recorded the first jazz song ever and they were a white band. When the record released a month later, it was hot and lively, however, the songs emphasized comedy, presenting a false identity to jazz from my interpretation. The release of the record was the first time most Americans have ever heard jazz before. Now that white people play jazz, white people who listen to it are into it all of a sudden. Jazz was once sinful music, but now it is popular. People want more dance tunes, new bands sprang, and young people were swept in it. Jazz was music that broke away from traditional clean, European songs. Jazz was no longer music that belonged to the black culture, it is almost as if it betrayed them.
The video emphasized the uprising of jazz, some of the musicians in jazz, and the uprising of jazz. I learned that jazz is originated from black culture and it is the American sound. I found it unfortunate that the first jazz band to record a jazz song was by white musicians and not black. I think black musicans would have been more deserving to record the first jazz song since it originates from their culture. But aside from that, I learned that jazz is about improve and giving the instrument a voice. Jazz is about expressing people’s

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