Summary Of The History Of African American Culture

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This review examines the history of African American cultural, influential factors of current trends, further questions, and recommendations for other research. Even though many historical events were in the past, they still have an overwhelming influence of the shortcomings of African Americans in shaping cultural identity. The impact of race, slavery, segregation of schools, and depression, around the 1960’s has led to the shortcomings of African Americans in the 21st century. The short comings that African Americans are faced with are culturally lacking socioeconomically, education, employment, two families headed- households (mom and dad), policies and structural racisms.

African Americans have suffered huge injustices because of historical implementation and institutional structures. African American cultural has historically suffered from the educational and social lack compared to other cultures represented in America. Previous reviews focus on the gaps
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She supports this claim through the basis of history and its significance to the race. Claiming the 17th century and the first quarter of the 18th century resulted in the establishment of racial slavery, but previously Spanish African slaves were considered to have British rights. However, those Africans coming straight from Africa had no rights under the British law resulting in them being forced into labor with impunity. Audrey also argues racial slavery became existent to further European colonist and was maintained by the passing of laws that offered material advantages and social privileges to poor whites. Supporting these laws continues to impact stereotypes of race in the 19th and 20th century, even though many scientists claim race is independent of biological or

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