Chicago And Seattle : Two Different Stories Essays

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Chicago and Seattle: Two Different Stories Chicago, Illinois, is a huge city trying to work for people of all different races working to conduct business, while Seattle, Washington, operates for the same cause. They both operate under the same Constitution which was drawn up by the Founding Fathers of America centuries ago. They also operate under the same President, which is controversially a good leader. While this is true, both cities in the United States have different stories regarding unemployment rate. Starting with Chicago, a source presents an unemployment rate of 8.4 percent, which is above average in the country at 6.3 percent. Moving to Seattle, people can see a different story. The unemployment in this successful city is 4.0 percent, making it below the average rate in the United States, and more than four percent less than Chicago. Roughly four percent may not seem like a huge number in difference, as it is only four out of one hundred individuals in a social setting, but a city like Chicago however might beg to differentiate. Over two million people call Chicago their home according to the United States Census Bureau’s website. By taking the calculation of the difference in unemployment rates, which is roughly 4 percent, and multiplying it by almost three million, the number 120,000 is yielded. This means that 120 thousand more people per three million in Chicago, have a job in Seattle. So why is there a difference here? What makes for these two cities…

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