Characteristics Of A Successful Online Student Essay examples

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“Characteristics of a Successful Online Student”

As students, young and old decide to go back to college the dilemma is their faced with is do we use a classroom setting or do we go online? Back in the day learning was convenient and comfortable, but that was over twenty years ago, when I was in school. Being a single mother and just trying to manage going to work every day was a struggle for me, I couldn’t imagine going to college just seemed like a dream. When considering to further your education, whether it be at a school or online can be challenging. I had to think to myself, do I want to be on a campus for school or can I reach my education goals online. The following steps below, will help you with procrastination, poor time management and organization. I will discuss in detail some ideas and thoughts that have helped me stay on top of my work. When I decided to go back to school, procrastination weighed heavy on my mind, I used to wait until the last minute to complete my work. However, since enrolling at CTU and deciding to further my education, I refuse to make the same mistakes I used too in high school. Currently I try to stay ahead of my assignments. Blocking out time every day to work on project and prioritize my work load, helps me to stay on top of my assignments. Taking the time to read over the teacher’s syllabus and write down the teacher’s expectations for each class will help you to understand what is expected. I pay attention now more…

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