Chapter 7 and 8 Study Guide: a Survey American History Essay

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Key Concepts 1. Jeffersonian Vision for America
Society of Sturdy independent farmers: The American economy became more diverse and complex. Growing cities, surging commerce and expanding industrialism made the ideal of a simple agrarian society impossible to maintain.
System of universal education: It floundered and institutions of learning remained largely the preserve of privileged elites.
A federal government of sharply limited power with most authority remaining at the level of the states: Americans reflected a vigorous and ambitious nationalism reminiscent of the Federalists.
Jefferson dismantled much of the bureaucratic power structure that the Federalists had erected in the 1790s, and he helped ensure that in many
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Created the cotton gin that separated the seeds quickly and efficiently.
He devised a machine to make each part of a gun according to an exact pattern. Tasks would be divided among several workers and one laborer could assemble a weapon out of parts made by several others. Used by manufacturers of sewing machines, clocks and many other complicated products. 9. Early American Transportation System
Oliver Evans: Delaware. Made the automated flour mill, a card-making machine, and several important improvements in the steam engine and first textbook of mechanical engineering: The Young Mill-Wright’s and Miller’s Guide.
Robert Fulton’s steam boat
Turnpike era. They were usually made by private industries and they had tolls so they could make some money out of it. 10. Revolution of 1800
Jefferson considered his election as revolutionary. In his speech he said “We are all republicans, we are all federalists” and he outdid federalists in their work of expanding the territory 11. Washington DC
Designed by Pierre L’Enfant. But during his presidency it was merely a village. Congressmen viewed Washington as a place where they should briefly visit and leave quickly. Some would even resign their seat in congress for a more prestigious seat for a state legislative seat. 12. The Jefferson Administration (policies)
They persuaded congress to abolish all internal taxes which left custom duties, sale of western lands as the only

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