Challenges Faced By Diverse Students Essay

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Diverse Students
Meeting the needs of a variety of students can be extremely difficult; the reality is, however, that it is an inevitable hurdle that all teachers must overcome. The main strategies that I used to ensure students’ needs were being met include explicitly teaching vocabulary, using multiple forms of assessment, extensive group work, planning for student accommodations on testing and giving students choice in their projects. By integrating a lot of discussion during class, then asking the students to put to work their understanding in an artistic or written form, students get the chance to express themselves in a variety of ways. Through understanding that students communicate differently, then giving them access to varied communication methods, I can get a better sense of specific student’s natural strategies as well as a clearer picture of what they are comprehending, struggling with and capable of. This also gives me important insight into where students need to focus their work and improve skills, which will help me support them in their academic endeavors. Group work, at its most basic level, gives students the chance to practice their speaking and listening skills. Since the number of participants is so limited, each child has more of a responsibility to engage and participate in helping the group be successful. This also allows for students who are at a lower level to collaborate with their higher-level peers and potentially gain insight into their…

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