Celta Language Task Essay

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Language Related Assignment 1. The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow a) The form is present simple
Subject third person + verb present tense + time marker

b) A future arrangement – a ‘timetable future’ as the plane has a daily schedule and it will depart accordingly.

c) Students may be confused by the form of present simple when a future time is referred to.
They may confuse the meaning with present continuous ‘is leaving’ which means the event is happening now rather than in the future.
The pronunciation of ‘v’, may not be clear, as the stress is on the end with the ‘s’ leaves

d) Context - Planning a journey
Target models
The bus goes to Dewsbury from Leeds at 10.57.
It arrives in Dewsbury at 11.47
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(2nd class) 2c The students -ing the book when I sat down. (3rd class) 2c The students -ing the book when I sat down . (3rd class) 2c The students were reading when I sat down. (3rd class)

d) Checking understanding
Has it already happened? Yes (Past simple, past perfect and past continuous)
Did you hear any instructions from the teacher? No. (Past simple, past perfect) /Yes I interrupted the first action. (Past continuous)) Did anything get interrupted? Yes the teacher was still speaking.(Past continuous)/ No the teacher had finished speaking (Past simple/ Past perfect)

3. I wish I’d known a) Form past perfect simple I wish + had + past participle
b)This tense may be used to express present regret for not changing a past situation
c) Students may not understand we are expressing a wish to change what has already happened. Students may not hear I’d form in speech, as it may become a schwa sound with intonation.
Students may use the past simple and change the meaning I wish I knew which expresses lack of knowledge.

Students may confuse the shortened form I’d by using could have or would have instead of had. This may be heard in regional speech, but students may be penalised for using this.

d) Context – Talking about past events that student regrets
I wish I hadn’t eaten so much.
I wish I’d said that to him.
I wish I’d gone to class today.
e) Checking understanding
Did the action

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