Cell Phones And Their Possession At School Essay

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Many students have cell phone devices in their possession at school (Brown). Cell phones are given to students by their parents to keep in contact with them during school, after school and in the event of an emergency (Brown). “Cell phones are everywhere and have undeniably become an integral part of everyday life” (Brown). In the past, cell phones were only used to make and receive phone calls. Now, they are used for many reasons. Cell phones are convenient and easy to use. Cell phones are not only used for communication, but they are also used for emailing, texting, cheating on exams and entertainment (Brown). Cell phones can be used anywhere and at any time. With the option to put a cell phone on silent or vibrate, they are more discreet than ever before. Students should not be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom because cell phones cause too many distractions (Brown). These distractions can interrupt a learning session as well as impact the learning of the students. However, some teachers are torn between whether a student should or should not have a cell phone at school (Kiema). “Critics believe, however, that allowing these devices will only encourage their non-educational use in school, to the point where they will be a significant distraction for teachers and students and a potential tool for cheating” (Kiema). Although some teachers agree with the school policy of students not bringing their cell phones to school, there are still many teachers…

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