What Are The Benefits Of Cell Phones In School

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Cell phones have advanced for the purpose to be used to their full potential. The applications and programs that are built into cell phones are there to be accessed by students and many more in need of help academically, financially, and so on. Also cell phones can replace having to grab a class set of computers for classrooms as for they allow for people access the internet and allow for you to take notes. Cell phones are more beneficial for furthering the education of students and allowing them to expand their knowledge outside of a textbook.
Computers and laptops have always been an arm and a leg to pay for and they are necessary for schools but cell phones have the ability to do things a computer can do along with being portable and a lot
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Although, this doesn’t mean that students should be allowed to access their phones whenever they want to. The point being is that when a student is in need for more information they should be allowed to access their cell phone with the permission of the teacher. Also, with certain educational programs or websites, students can participate in an interesting class activity through their phones. As cell phones continue to flourish, they have become more useful in classrooms benefitting the students and their education. More importantly, cell phones have the ability of benefitting students by being able …show more content…
Mary Beth Humble-Thaden, a scholar in Teaching and Learning, views cell phones as being a tool in classrooms with them being monitored, of course. If the use of cell phones is monitored and only used during the time of need, it can benefit students educationally as well as creating a restraint on the personal use of cell phones. Another major factor as to why cell phones are beneficial to students in the classroom is the fact that they are portable. Not only are they able to be taken anywhere in your pocket but they also have the ability to search the World Wide Web without wifi. Evrim Baran is a scholar who specializes in
Educational Sciences and views cell phones have become “attractive learning devices for education. She states that “recent advances such as imbedded sensors, cameras, motion detection, location awareness, social networks, web searching, and augmented reality present the potential
Patel 3 to foster learning and engagement across multiple physical, conceptual, and social spaces, both indoors and out” (Baran 18). In other words, with the vast advances of the cell phones, they are capable of providing many beneficial aspects for students to attain and learn. Furthermore,

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