How To Reduce Cell Phones In Schools

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Ring, Ring, Ring, the distractions never stop!!

Lilly maez

Cell phones in school are a menace to Kids safety and education. Cell phones in class are a controversial subject. Cell phones should not be allowed in school because, it is a distraction to everyone in the class, Kids can cheat and get answers from their phones and that can be a bad habit, Kids play games when they should be paying attention. And, most importantly, people can Gps kids phones at and 115 kids have gone missing after school.

Cell phones are distracting because kids text and call. kids in class text and that is bad they can text bad things to friends and cyber bullying kids.
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kids can poll out their phones any mint to find out answers. If every kid used their phones to find answers then teachers and parents will never know what they know. When kids get answers from online on their phones all day they will become dependent on their phones to give them answers.

Kids play games when they should be paying play games during when teachers are giving lessons and even giving excuses to play games. Imagine if you were a teacher and you gave assignment to you and your class but the a boy keeps telling everyone to play games on there phone.

Most importantly 115 kids go missing each year because of phones in school. When we are texting and do things on our phones strangers Gps, “Gps is where a internet device can be found anywhere in the world”. If people can just find where we are at any time then not only you are in danger your whole school can be.

As you can see phones are a menios to class and schools. with phones in class and school there is massive distractions that can cause many issues. And dangers that can be a problem for you and the safety of others .As you can see phones are a big problem and we can fix if we don’t have phones in

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