Cell Phones And School : An Overview By Beverly Ballora, Pros And Cons Of Having Phones

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Cell Phones in School High school students know how dreadful going eight or more hours without a cell phone is. Parents, teachers, and students never see eye to eye on this controversial subject: whether schools should ban or permit cell phone usage. In the article, “Cell Phones in School: An Overview” by Beverly Ballora, pros and cons of having phones in high school curriculum are distinguished, some points I comply with and others I highly disagree with, also, I relate to this subject well considering that my school has been through the same conflict. Ballora’s article thoroughly describes why schools should allow cell phone use and why schools may find it best to prohibit cell phone in the end. Having cell phones available in school allows students to contact parents if needed without having to go to the office. Cell phones are convenient for several educational purposes. Cell phones may allow students access to calculators, educational apps, interactive games, and even free dictionaries. “These features can even compensate, supporters suggest, for a lack of technology in some school settings” (Ballaro par. 5). By having students bring their own technology to school, school districts can save a plethora of money. If schools allowed phones in the classroom, more students could use their own resources over having to use the school’s, resulting in the school needing to invest in less electronics. A few downfalls to allowing cell phones at school may be, cheating,…

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